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Hey Y’all,

I’m Joe Gallagher Jr., executive producer of the new reality show called Party Animals where original songwriters will form teams of 5 to plan charity events that will benefit 9 dog rescues in the Charleston area.

What will these contestants be rewarded with? Well, they’ll be given a bankroll that increases every round, to use for production and marketing costs. If their team is over 30% successful planning 4 consecutive events, they will win $50k and a recording contract from Atlas Star Records.

These groups won’t be on their own either. Every episode, the team must decide if they want to hire a specialist or a spy. Although the offer could be very beneficial, the team will have to sacrifice 30% of their budget to use the services of these interesting and fascinating characters.

The best part of this whole crazy concept is that 9 rescues will receive donations from every revenue stream created by this operation, including a portion of the $10 monthly membership fees.

What's in it for you, our monthly members? You'll receive all the episodes, including behind-the-scenes footage, bonus material and special shout outs.

We want to thank everyone involved in this amazing project. Through these tough, coronavirus times, we’re offering the chance of a lifetime to help the up and coming artists and to provide relief to these shorthanded and underfunded animal rescues. Thanks again and God bless.