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Party Animals is a new reality show that serves several purposes...

Jump-starting independent artists' careers with a $50k cash prize and a recording contract from Atlas Star Records

Assisting 9 animal rescues in Charleston, to raise detrimental funds and awareness to the treatment of animals

Helping local businesses by partnering for exposure and unique advertising opportunities

Bringing new attractions to the Lowcountry, stimulating the economy

Building a global network of people interested in supporting indie artists and animal welfare


So, you wanna be on TV? Are you an original artist with your own songs and voice that needs to be heard? Are you friends with someone who is? Party Animals is a show that showcases talent on and off stage. Contestants will form a team of 5 and have to face an array of challenges, make tough decisions, work seamlessly together to produce a show. They will have a budget and 4 weeks to plan an amazing charity event at Atlas Star Records. If the team is over 25% profitable with their first event, they move on to Round 2 where their budget is increased along with the challenges. All ticket sales and revenue generated by the events will benefit 9 rescues and an orphanage in Uganda. Once they throw 4 consecutive, successful parties; they will be awarded a grand prize that they can keep or put together one last Grand Finale at Joe Riley Stadium, where they get to put every dollar back in their pockets. Do you think you can handle the pressure? Send us a message and let us know if you'd like to set up an audition. Only the team leader needs to register for auditions. Get excited because Party Animals is going to be outrageously entertaining!  



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